Easy Scholarships For College Students

In the world of college scholarships finding an easy scholarship is equivalent to finding gold. Think about it, with easy scholarships there really isn’t anything you have to do to apply and you have a chance to win money. Now, when you compare an easy scholarship with a hard one you really begin to see how complicated the hard scholarships are. They ask you to have a high GPA. They ask you to write a long essay. They focus on only a certain group of people. With easy scholarships there is none of that. Everyone has a chance to win and the application process is a breeze.

Easy Scholarships For College Students

So, we have established that easy scholarships are the holy grail of college scholarships but we haven’t really talked about what you have to do to obtain them. Obviously, finding one can be a pain since easy scholarships for college aren’t talked about too often. However, you are in luck because that is one of the topics we are going to cover in this post. Of course, in order to really have a chance to obtain a scholarship of this magnitude you have to have quite a lot that you can apply for. Look at it like simple math. The more scholarships you have in your inventory to apply for the better your chances of winning money are.

Easy To Get Scholarships For College Students

What follows is a list of easy scholarships that we have encountered in our time here in the online world. Each of these scholarships are easy because: 1. You don’t have to do much to apply for them 2. The actual application process only takes a few minutes 3. The competition is not very fierce because they haven’t been talked about very much.

  • Scholarship Zone- This is probably the most basic easy scholarship. The concept of this scholarship is simple. It is a contest for $10,000 and all you have to do to “apply” is visit the site and check out application form and fill it out. It is that simple.
  • The Weekly Three Sentence Essay Scholarship– This one is a pretty easy scholarship for college as well. Each week Zinch gives away $1,000 to a student who answers the weekly essay question in 280 characters or less. Pretty easy, we think so!
  • $2,000 No Essay Scholarship– How much better can we describe it? Win $2,000 easily without having to fill out an essay.

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