Scholarships For Community College Students 2023

Scholarships For Community College Students 2023

After you graduate from high school you are faced with an important choice, which college are you going to go to? Perhaps you were a really great student and got multiple scholarship offers from schools. Then again, maybe you weren’t that great of a student and didn’t get those scholarship offerings. If that is the case we want you to not feel bad because we can help you find a scholarship to help pay your tuition. Of course, before we get in to that it is up to you to decide which type of college you are going to go to.

Community College Vs. Universities

There are really only two types of colleges we talk about here on this site. As you have probably realized they are community colleges and universities. So, what is the difference between the two? It is quite simple as a community college is only supposed to be a two year school where you pick up your associates degree and a university is a four year school where you can grab your bachelors, masters or doctorate. Community colleges tend to be cheaper than big universities due to their small size. This means that you tuition will be considerably cheaper if you take the same classes at a community college as you do at a university. Ah, now you see the allure to the community college. Of course, community colleges aren’t all perfect. They do lack a few things that universities have. For example, the curriculum at a community college is quite limited and there is really no campus life. However, we strongly feel that community colleges are a great place to obtain your higher education.

Scholarships For Community College Students

It is important that you read this part of the page in it’s entirety. What we are about to tell you a lot of other sites aren’t telling you. Community college students have one very big advantage over university students. One of the biggest pro’s to going to a community college is the simple fact that it is significantly cheaper than a university. Thus, the money you receive from FAFSA can potentially pay ALL OF YOUR TUITION for the first few years at the community college. This is not a claim that big universities can make. In addition to the money you receive from FAFSA you can apply for numerous scholarships given out by your selected community college. There are a number of ways in which you can determine if your community college has any scholarships worth applying for. You can discuss it with their staff and counselors or you can visit their website as most colleges list their scholarships there. Good luck!