Scholarships for Tall Students You Should Know About

We bet you didn’t know that there are scholarships out there that actually award you on the basis of height. This might seem normal if you encounter the scholarship handed out by the little people of America. However, it seems completely weird that the scholarship powers that be would create a scholarship for tall people. However, if you do happen to be tall then we will be the first people to congratulate you because you qualify for a select number of scholarships that millions of others don’t.

Scholarships For Being Tall

Typically, there is one particular group that is most frequently talked about when it comes to scholarships for tall people and they are called Tall Clubs International. Basically, Tall Clubs International is a program that awards students for being tall.

  • Women Have To Be At Least 5’10″
  • Men Have To Be At Least 6’2″

Scholarships from Tall Clubs International vary. However, the most documented amount that is awarded is $1,000. You can visit the Tall Clubs International site by clicking on the link we provided above. On the site you will find a number of interesting facts about tall folks. For example, there is an entire section on their site dedicated to articles written by high authorities about tall people. Obviously, they have a section on their site dedicated solely to scholarships. Currently there is only the one scholarship for $1,000 but if you visit the link we provided you will be able to find out exactly what you have to do to win.

More College Scholarships

Unfortunately, the Tall Clubs International scholarship mentioned above is the only known tall scholarship found on the internet. However, if you look around you might be able to find more weird or wacky scholarships to search for. We are an authority on easy and weird scholarships so believe us when we say there is always a scholarship out there to apply for. We recommend that you start by checking out the related posts below. Good luck!