Top Free Scholarships Without Essays In 2023

Top Free Scholarships Without Essays In 2023

It is important, if you are looking for college scholarships, to keep a close eye out for any scholarship that doesn’t require you to fill out an essay. As you can probably tell (since our URL is we specialize in bringing easy scholarships to our viewers and scholarships without essays is as easy as it gets. A general scholarship will ask you any number of things. For example, some scholarships require you to fill out an application and have a GPA of 3.0. Other scholarships can be given based on your athletic ability. However, scholarships without essays are very unique in the fact that all you really have to do is fill out the application form to have a shot at being picked as the winner of the scholarship.

Free Scholarships Without Essays

There are actually quite a few free scholarships without essays out there. However, we want to take things a step further. As you have looked around the internet on this subject you may notice that a lot of our peers are pushing a certain type of free scholarship. Now, while we are also promoting some of these scholarships we have a number of insights we feel you should be aware of before applying for them. So, we have set aside this section on our page to make you aware of all the risks associated with applying for these types of scholarships.

First off, one thing that our peers aren’t telling you is that you have to be 18 in order to apply for these scholarships. Also, after you have signed up for these scholarships expect to receive a lot of email that may be unwanted. This may scare a portion of you off but we also do want to point out that these types of scholarships really have a lot of upside to them as well. One big positive thing about them is that it is literally only one form that you have to fill out to be successfully applied for the scholarship. Plus you add in the fact that the pay out about $10,000 every month to a winner and you can see why they get a lot application submissions. So, now that you know the risks we feel comfortable promoting these scholarships without essays to you.

  • College Prowler No Essay $2,000 Scholarship– Just as it sounds. This one pays out $2,000 and is renewed each month. You can reapply for the scholarship each and every month.
  • Scholarship Zone- This one is essentially the same thing as the college prowler scholarship above except the payout is higher at $10,000. Of course, this means that there will be more applications submitted on a monthly basis.