Common Challenges Faced by College Students: Solutions and Strategies

College can be inspiring. After all, there has been this constant build-up your entire life. Throughout high school, your teachers have been drilling this idea of what college is supposed to be in your head. They say things like, “You, won’t be able to get away with that in college.” Maybe you have heard this one “In college they don’t care about late assignments, they will just give you a zero for not showing up.” While some of that advice was made up to keep rowdy students from acting up, some is true. Today, we will look at some of the most common problems that students face in college after graduating from high school.

You’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

College tends to be an entirely different animal from high school. This is due to the amount of freedom you have. You get to choose which classes to take; you can show up late; in some categories, you can pull out a laptop or iPad and have fun searching the internet. However, this sense of freedom leads to the ultimate downfall. You begin to lose focus, and eventually, your grades start to slip. Space is excellent, and we are not insinuating that you should act like a robot in class, but you need a healthy amount of discipline to ensure your grades stay up.


For most students, their college days are the height of their partying. Partying can be fun. That cute guy or girl could be there that you want to talk to you so badly. There is drinking involved. You stay up late and enjoy socializing with new people. However, avoid getting stuck into a groove where you are partying daily. Failure to do so could mean a one-way ticket back home or a one-way ticket to the community college you desperately want to avoid.

Time Management

You are working; you have a girlfriend or boyfriend; you are taking 18 hours. How do you manage all of this in the limited time you are granted? That is a question that many college students need to answer. Our advice: see if you can get a job at your school, work on your homework during that job and see your significant other there.