Wacky Scholarships That You Find Easly

If you are having trouble affording college and you are having to turn to scholarships then this particular page might be of interest to you. Most people  end up going through the motions when it comes to scholarships. They have their certain list of select scholarships that they apply for and they leave it at that. When the time comes for the scholarship winner to be picked and its not them they just shrug their shoulders and keep soldiering on. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that they have a hidden opportunity when it comes to wacky scholarships.

Wacky College Scholarships

Weird or wacky scholarships get a bad rep. Most people think they are ridiculous and scoff at the idea of obtaining one. It is people that have this mindset that create the opportunity for the rest of us who want to do everything we can to get a scholarship. You see, wacky college scholarships are unpopular which means you have less competition for them. In fact, for some wacky scholarships there are literally no applicants which means they go unclaimed. How often have you heard of this phenomenon? The answer is: NOT OFTEN!!!

Popular Scholarships

Here at Easy Scholarships we are big fans of finding uncomplicated, uncompetitive and simple scholarships that you can apply for. This particular section is perfect for that. You see, wacky scholarships by nature are easy to apply for. They don’t ask you to fill out some long three page essay and they don’t ask you to send in a portfolio showcasing your talents. Instead, they ask you to do some very basic things. Granted, those “basic” things might be a bit wacky but you will certainly be pleased if you take home $1,000 to $10,000. Take a look at some of the wacky scholarships we are featuring on this site:

  • The Fat Scholarship- Yes, you read that right! Who would have thought all those trips to the local McDonald’s would pay off. The minimum amount that this scholarship awards is $500. You must have a GPA of 2.5 and you will have to write a short essay.
  • Predicting The Future Award– This is an especially wacky scholarship but we bet you knew we would say that? This is an award that encourages students to take a look at the future of economics. Become an expert at predicting stock figures.
  • Scholarships For Working Adults- If you are a working mom, a working dad or just a regular working stiff then check out this great scholarship.