Crazy Scholarships You Can Win (Updated)

Crazy Scholarships You Can Win (Updated)

Believe it or not there are actually quite a few crazy scholarships out there. It is every students dream to obtain a college scholarship. So, as you can imagine most students don’t care how strange or crazy a scholarship might sound they just want money to help pay for their tuition. This page is going to cover the crazy section of scholarships. We will admit that some of the scholarships you see featured below are not for everyone but we don’t want you to be turned off from applying for them if they sound a little weird. A lot of people think that if you start looking for crazy scholarships you are getting desperate but we do not subscribe to that way of thinking. In fact, we subscribe to the opposite type of thinking. We want to commend you for expanding your options.

Crazy College Scholarships

In order to full grasp the concept of crazy scholarships we are going to ask you to do a few things. First off, you need to be open to all types of scholarships no matter how strange they might be. We know quite a few people who’s lives were changed just because they opened their mind to applying for a strange sounding scholarship.

The fact of the matter is that college is quite expensive but as expensive as it is it is worth investing in. Sometimes that means turning to options that you would have never thought you would turn to. Check out some of the crazy scholarships that are listed below:

  • Nudist Scholarship– How often have you come to a scholarship website to find a nudist scholarship? We are willing to bet that you haven’t seen a scholarship like this very often. This could actually work in your favor. It is usually the scholarships that no one has heard about that have the least amount of competition. The nudist scholarship offers a total of $1,000. Visit the link we provided to learn more.
  • Marbles Scholarship– Who would have thought it? Yes, there is actually a scholarship out there that gives you the opportunity to win money for your skill with marbles. The National Marbles Tournament is giving away a scholarship worth $1,000 to $2,000 to a lucky winner for his or her skill with a marble. Visit the link we provided to learn more about the details.