Discovering Small Scholarships: Big Opportunities in Small Packages

One great thing about small scholarships is the fact that, typically, they aren’t too hard to apply for. If you wanted to kick it into overdrive, you could start applying for as many small scholarships as possible. Doing so could effectively raise your chances of picking one up. Unfortunately, studies show that students aren’t too big of a fan of small scholarships. Who can blame you guys, though? We would much rather take home a scholarship worth $10,000 than one worth $100. Unfortunately, most scholarships that hand out that much are pretty competitive and usually are based on merit.

Small Scholarships For High School Seniors

When polled, students were asked what was the lowest amount of money they would consider applying for a scholarship. Over 71% of students said they wouldn’t apply for a scholarship of less than $500. Well, we are here to change your mind about that, hopefully. You see, it is best to adopt a mindset of not being greedy when it comes to scholarships. Every little bit of cash you can pocket helps. Besides, small scholarships tend to be a lot easier to obtain. Thus, you can apply for a lot; trust us, the money will add up. You will be surprised at how far $500 can take you. That can pay for all your books and class utensils for a semester.

Our Advice

First, you need to get in line for financial aid. This is relatively easy, and almost every student who needs it has signed up for FAFSA. However, we can’t go into details since we are not an authority on financial aid. We can tell you quite a bit about scholarships, though. We recommend that you visit your school counsellor to see if you can receive any scholarship. Most students can apply for a scholarship they didn’t know about. After visiting your counsellor, you should look for small scholarships. Scan the web. Read the newspaper. The key here is to locate as many small scholarships as possible. We can help you in that category to a certain extent. However, if you want the small scholarships to add up, you will have to research independently.– Find Scholarships is a free resource that lets you check out all types of scholarships and find them quickly. You should check this resource out when looking for small scholarships.