Easy Short Essay Scholarships

Lately there has been a lot of hype surrounding no essay scholarships. If you have never heard of a no essay scholarship then it is basically a type of award that is given that does not require you to go through the process of composing an essay. However, one thing that isn’t talked about that often is the scholarships that require you to fill out essays. More specifically, the easy essay scholarships. We are here to tell you that they exist and we have made it our mission to turn this page into the top authority on short essay scholarships.

Easy Short Essay Scholarships

A short essay scholarship is a specific type of scholarship that requires you to fill out a short essay. So, basically the scholarship is exactly as it sounds. While we will give you some tips on what you need to do to improve your chances of winning a scholarship on this page that is really not our forte. Instead, we are charged with the task of locating the short essay scholarship and giving you all the information we have on it so you know exactly where to go to apply for it. The rest, such as writing the actual essay, is completely up to you.

However, since we don’t want to leave you completely in the dark on this subject we have prepared some general tips or guidelines that you can follow to improve your chances of winning a short essay scholarship. Those tips can be seen in the section below:

Top Five Short Essay Tips

  1. Proofread your essay when you are finished
  2. Make sure you answered the question that was being asked and your argument was strong.
  3. Get someone else to proofread your work.
  4. Don’t speak in the first person unless you are specifically asked to.
  5. Speak from the heart.

Popular Short Essay Scholarships

We have been able to locate a number of popular short essay scholarships that we feel would be good starters for you to apply for. As stated above, our main goal with this site is to help you find the scholarships you are looking for. If you feel we have missed something very important then we encourage you to get in touch with us immediately so we can correct whatever mistake we have made. Otherwise you can find our popular short essay scholarships below. Good luck!