Easy Scholarships For High School Juniors

Easy Scholarships For High School Juniors

It is never too early to start planning your future. If you are a high school junior then you have probably heard that phrase many times by your school administrators and parents. Well, they are right. The cold hard truth is that college is expensive and it rare that you are in a situation where money isn’t really an issue. So, for many students they have two choices. They can either get a job and try to afford their college tuition or start applying for scholarships. Obviously, we are experts on the the second option. However, before we start going into the available scholarships for high school juniors we do have something to discuss with you.

What Type Of College Are You Going To?

The reason you need to know what type of college you are going to is because it will give you a general idea of what type of scholarship assistance you will be needing. Generally, four year universities cost more so you will have to be on the lookout for larger scholarships that can help with your tuition. On the flip side, community colleges are much less expensive and offer just about the same core education as universities but lack the college experience that universities provide. As a result, you won’t need a large scholarship. Heck, we have known people that have had their entire community college tuition covered by FAFSA.

Scholarships For High School Juniors

Luckily, if you are a high school junior you are a step ahead of most of your competitors. You are applying for scholarships early which leaves you a lot more room to wiggle. While there are no actual scholarships for high school juniors that are worth mentioning you can get a head start on your college financial situation by taking a look at the following scholarships.

  • Coca Cola Scholarship– A pretty popular scholarship on this site. This is mostly due to the fact that is exclusively for high school seniors looking to enter college and it pays A LOT! This is the definition of a full ride scholarship as it can net you between $10,000 to $20,000 over a four year period.
  • Walmart (Sam Walton) Scholarships– There is nothing better than finding a full ride scholarship by a reputable company that you know you have a shot at. If you have made a difference in your community or are just looking for a huge scholarship to apply for then take a look at the two scholarships that WalMart is offering.