Exploring Summer Scholarships: Funding Opportunities for the Break

Do you or your children wish to attend a class or a camp this summer, but you fear that you can’t afford it? Attending summer classes or camps is not impossible for those in financial need. There are scholarship and financial assistance programs for people who know where to look for them. Websites such as www.scholarships.com have many options for adults and young adults looking for summer school scholarships; this site boasts links to hundreds of scholarship opportunities. Often, the institution offering summer courses endorses a scholarship program. Contact the financial aid department for help in finding money for classes. Usually, a counsellor or associate can provide contact information for scholarships for summer classes and may even have applications available. Even if you are not taking courses for college credit, there is assistance for those taking classes designed for lifelong learning and recreation.

Children who hope to attend summer camps or summer classes often have opportunities to attend, even if their household incomes fall below the poverty line. Suppose you don’t know where to start when looking for summer camp scholarships for your children. In that case, an excellent first step is to contact the institution sponsoring the program and ask for information regarding scholarship opportunities. Information can also be found on the camp or program’s website. Often, scholarships for summer programs are available to those who qualify on a first-come, first-serve basis. For example, the Miami Children’s Theater in South Florida offers direct links to their scholarship applications on their website. Even camps designed for younger children, such as the City of Fremont’s Summer PlayCamp, offer scholarships which can provide a few weeks’ worth of sessions free of charge. Scholarships for camps are also available nationally; the National Audubon Society provides hundreds of scholarship opportunities per year.
There are many chances to find financial assistance for summer programs. However, finding aid can be challenging. Often you will have to be persistent, but the work will pay off when you or your child gains something from the experience that a summer class, program, or camp will provide. So if you or your children want to get out there and add credits to college coursework, learn something new, or meet new people, don’t let money troubles keep you from a great experience this summer.