Fully Funded Scholarships For Freshmen In College

Fully Funded Scholarships For Freshmen In College

By now we don’t have to give you some long speech on how to apply for scholarships or how to sign up for financial aid, you have been through all of that already. You are in college and you are on the prowl for scholarships. Well, we can help you with that. Each and every day we are compiling more and more information on college scholarships for you to apply for. We are looked at as experts in the field of easy scholarships, weird scholarships and we are even gaining authority on online scholarships. However, one area that we are ashamed to say that we haven’t really gotten into that much is scholarships for current college students. That is going to change today because we are going to give you information on the top scholarships for college freshmen.

Scholarships For Freshmen In College

It is interesting, when we looked around at some of the sites covering this topic we were unimpressed with how little information they provided. Of course, all of them sung the same song. We are sure that you have heard it all before, SIGN UP FOR FASFA! APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS (but they don’t even give you links to apply)! Yea, we don’t subscribe to that type of content and you shouldn’t either. We only want to give you information that you can actually use. So, we are going to stop talking and just get straight to the point. Below you will be able to find some of the top scholarships for college freshmen. Apply for as many as you can.

College Scholarships For Freshmen

  • Scholarships From Your School- We wish we could give you a link for this one but we can’t because we don’t know where you live. A lot of students miss out on scholarships given by their college because they have some phobia of the god forsaken counselor (We hope you got our sarcasm there). Just ask your school counselor if you can apply for any scholarship they have available. Also, it is probably important to note that each university or community college you are attending has a website with a list of their available scholarships. Make sure you look at that.
  • Scholarships By Corporation- We recently created a page on corporate scholarships. So, just to really drive that point home check out some of the corporate scholarships available for college freshmen: ATT Scholarship & InternshipExon Mobile Math ScholarshipsGeneral Electric Scholarship.
  • Scholarship Search Engines- Search engines for scholarships should be at the top of your list of “go to” sites. With the technology we have today finding a scholarship to apply for has never been easier. We suggest you start by checking out some of these search engines: Scholarships.comFastWeb.com