How Being Short Can Help You Get Scholarships

How Being Short Can Help You Get Scholarships

We have met a number of very inspirational people throughout the years. Believe us, we have heard a lot of stories. We have heard of single moms rallying to get assistance to return to school. We have heard stories of single dads, whose backs were against the wall and had no option other than to go to school through a scholarship. However, one story really touched us here at Easy Scholarships To Apply For and prompted us to research and write a post that can help folks who are considered to be short by society and looking for a scholarship.

Now, when we talk about short people we aren’t talking about dwarfs or midgets exclusively. We are talking about people who are below the height of 4’10.” Of course, if you are below this height you have endured a lot of jokes and probably were made fun of in high school. Well, the first thing to realize is that it is ridiculous for anyone to even criticize you on your height. For one, they are probably insecure about themselves and have to find someone to pick on to make themselves feel better.

There are a number of ways to approach a situation in which you are ridiculed for being short. However, we have one very different way of thinking of this type of criticism. We say let the oompa lompa jokes continue because they just give programs and foundations more reason to hand out scholarship money. So, in the end when your taller peers are struggling to make ends meet with their financial situation and you receive a scholarship because of your short stature you will be the one laughing. Karma will bite those people in the rear end don’t you worry.

One such foundation that awards a scholarship for being short is the Little People Of America Foundation. In order to be eligible for this scholarship you can’t be above the height of 4’10.”  The scholarship amount can range from anywhere between $250 to $2,000. It really depends on a number of factors. You can apply for the short person scholarship by visiting the following link:

By following that link you will be taken to a page that outlines the top ways to increase your chances to win a scholarship, the actual scholarship application and much more. If you are interested in finding more scholarships that have a bit of a weird twist then we encourage you to take a look at our “search weird scholarships” tab.