Exploring the Best Photography Scholarships for Aspiring Photographers

Exploring the Best Photography Scholarships for Aspiring Photographers

Photography scholarships are designed to help future photographers get the education they need for success. For example, if you are looking for a hassle-free way to earn money to cover college expenses, visit the Free $10,000 Scholarship. While photography is only sometimes a career pursuit that you need a degree for, the field has become highly competitive in recent years. The more you know about photography and its equipment, the better off you will be. Below are some easy scholarships you might pursue for your college education.

• This scholarship is awarded to select students attending Nossi College of Arts. Students must be enrolled in the Commercial Digital Photography program and be fresh high school graduates. The scholarship includes $400 distributions over six semesters, a total of $2,400 in earnings.

• This is a scholarship for students attending the University of Southern Indiana. Valued at $2,500, this scholarship is renewable for students who meet specific criteria set out by the scholarship board. Applicants must send in an application and a portfolio of work to qualify for the award.

• This scholarship is for students who exemplify true artistic talent in photography. It is only issued to individuals at the College at Plattsburgh from the State University of New York. Only students in their final year of an undergraduate degree program may qualify, but the school offers several similar scholarships for other photography majors.

• This source of financial aid is valued at $1,000. It is available for students at most universities as long as they are enrolled in a photography degree program. The application requires a short essay and a small portfolio of work showcasing the applicant’s talents. The funding for this scholarship is courtesy of the NANPA Foundation.

Tips for Earning Scholarships For Photography

Scholarship committees look for two main qualities in future photography students: passion and promise. If you show a passion for photography and a natural talent for capturing images on camera, you will be well ahead of the competition. This is one of the rare instances where your scholarship essay won’t matter much at all. What matters is the work you can show. Keep your eye out for potential photography opportunities, and take as many pictures as possible before applying for photography scholarships. You can utilize your portfolio to get the funding you need for school.