How To Apply For Black Hair Scholarship

We have recently written posts for people with blonde hair and people with red hair. Admittedly, we were shocked that a scholarship could be given for something as trivial as having red hair or blonde hair. However, we did come to realize that weird scholarships such as these are great opportunities for our visitors looking for easy scholarships. After all, what type of scholarship is easier than one given due to your hair color? We have been looking all around the internet for all the hair colors hoping to find another scholarship that we can add to our database and we are proud to announce that we found one.

Scholarships For Black Hair

We find that most scholarships are given out to minorities or those who are in need. Typically, this transfers over to the weird scholarships as well. A perfect example of this are your tall people scholarships and your small people scholarships. While these scholarships may be a bit awkward they are certain given out to disadvantaged groups or underrepresented groups. However, this is what makes the black haired scholarship so unique. Out of all the hair colors in the world having black hair is the most common. Thus, you wouldn’t think that a scholarship would be available for students with black hair. However, there is one available and it is by far the best hair color scholarship we have found.

A community website known as The Science Of Black Hair has put together a scholarship offering to help students with black hair enter college on a scholarship. The first place winner is given over $1,000. The second place winner is given $500. Meanwhile, the four runner ups are each given $250.

Who is the scholarship open to? Easy, high school students, college students and even graduate level students. The scholarship seems to be renewed at the beginning of every school year. From what we have gathered this scholarship will require you to compose an essay. However, we were unable to find a topic. To learn more about the scholarship all you have to do is visit the link we mentioned above. On their homepage you will find a scholarships & grants tab you can use to visit their scholarship page where you can find the application.

They advise that you sign up in their forum area before applying for the scholarship. Really, this is one of the best hair color scholarships we have ever come across. So, if you have black hair and want to attend college it is worth applying for this offering.