Northwestern University Fully-Funded Scholarships For Ph.D. Students

Embarking on graduate education marks a pivotal chapter in one’s scholarly voyage, where financial sustenance becomes paramount in rendering this expedition both attainable and triumphant. At The Graduate School (TGS) of Northwestern University, a plethora of funding avenues are proffered to doctoral aspirants, meticulously curated to underwrite their academic endeavors. These provisions, sourced from a confluence of origins, encompass financial aid, stipends, and tuition waivers. This discourse elucidates the intricacies of graduate funding, eligibility prerequisites, and attendant obligations.

Doctoral Candidate Funding: An Exhaustive Exposition

Doctoral candidates at TGS, typically engaged in full-time PhD pursuits, are bestowed with an all-encompassing financial arsenal, comprising stipends and tuition waivers. This fiscal endowment emanates from a synthesis of general appropriations, endowments, and extrinsic sources. Herein, we delineate the financial scaffolding available to PhD candidates:

Comprehensive Funding: PhD candidates under full funding are generally precluded from engaging in employment exceeding 20 hours per week, inclusive of assistantships.

Tenure: TGS anticipates PhD candidates to receive financial backing for a minimum span of five years, encompassing year-round tuition, stipends, and fully subsidized health insurance.

Stipend Thresholds: TGS delineates a foundational stipend benchmark for all disciplines, with individual programs adjusting stipends reflective of market exigencies within their respective fields.

External Scholarships: TGS ardently encourages the pursuit of external fellowships. Should candidates secure such endowments, these external funds are expected to supplant university funding.

Enrollment Imperatives: Graduate students must register each fall, winter, and spring quarter (and summer if funded) until degree requisites are fulfilled.

Enrollment Directives for Doctoral Candidates

  • Sustained full-time registration, be it through coursework or research, is imperative.
  • PhD candidates may enlist in Research 590 to meet credit requirements and maintain full-time status.
  • During years three through five, or beyond if financially supported, candidates may register for TGS 500 to uphold full-time status.
  • TGS 512 facilitates maintaining full-time enrollment during unfunded quarters.
  • Improper registration may precipitate financial repercussions, including the forfeiture of funding, personal liability for tuition and fees, and the obligation to reimburse stipends.

Master’s Candidate Funding: A Constrained Anomaly

TGS typically refrains from funding most master’s programs, such as MA, MS, or MPH. Select programs may proffer limited scholarships, though these instances are exceptional. Conversely, MFA students qualify for support from TGS.

Ancillary Funding Avenues

Students in quest of supplementary funds can explore loan options, with federal loans accessible to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Alternative loan options are available for part-time and international students.

Work Authorization

Students desiring supplementary remunerative employment alongside TGS funding are advised to consult the Permission to Work information on the TGS website.

Financial Aid Eligibility

To qualify for financial aid, graduate students must maintain commendable academic standing and exhibit satisfactory academic progression.

Policies and Directives

TGS provides a compendium of policy guides and resolutions for students receiving University-administered financial support.

Application and Further Information

For detailed information and application procedures, visit: TGS Graduate Funding


Graduate funding constitutes a cornerstone of an efficacious academic sojourn, with The Graduate School at Northwestern University steadfastly dedicated to supporting its doctoral and master’s candidates. It is incumbent upon students to remain abreast of specific funding opportunities and adhere to enrollment and eligibility mandates, ensuring a seamless and enriching graduate experience.


What types of funding are available for doctoral students at TGS, Northwestern University?

Doctoral students at TGS can access comprehensive financial support, including stipends, tuition scholarships, and fully subsidized health insurance. This support is funded through general appropriations, endowments, and external sources.

How long can PhD students expect to receive financial support?

PhD students at TGS are typically financially supported for a minimum of five years, covering year-round tuition, stipends, and health insurance.

Are PhD students allowed to work while receiving funding?

Funded PhD students are generally restricted from working more than 20 hours per week, including assistantships.

What should doctoral students do if they secure external funding?

If doctoral students receive external fellowships or grants, these funds are expected to replace the financial support provided by the university.

Do master’s students receive the same funding opportunities as doctoral students?

Most master’s programs at TGS do not receive funding. However, some programs may offer limited scholarships. MFA students are an exception and do qualify for support.

Are there loan options available for graduate students?

Yes, federal loans are available for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. There are also alternative loan options for part-time and international students.

What are the registration requirements for doctoral students?

Doctoral students must register every fall, winter, and spring quarter (and summer if funded) until they complete their degree requirements. Full-time registration is essential and can be achieved through coursework or research.

What happens if a doctoral student fails to register properly?

Improper registration can lead to financial consequences such as the loss of funding, personal liability for tuition and fees, and the need to repay stipends.

Can graduate students work additional jobs while receiving TGS funding?

Yes, but they need to review the Permission to Work information available on the TGS website to understand the guidelines and restrictions.

How can students ensure they remain eligible for financial aid?

Graduate students must maintain good academic standing and demonstrate satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for financial aid.

Where can I find more information and apply for funding?

For detailed information and application procedures, visit the TGS website at TGS Graduate Funding.

Who can I contact for further inquiries?

  • Address: The Graduate School, 633 Clark Street, Evanston, IL 60208-1113
  • Phone: 847.491.5279
  • Email: