Scholarships For Women Over 30

Scholarships For Women Over 30

It is always hard being a woman trying to go back to college. You have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. For example, if you have children you have to care for them. If you have a job, especially in this economy, you have to worry about keeping it since you will be cutting back on hours to go to school. Think of college as an investment for the future. It may seem tough to juggle all these responsibilities at first but with time it will all pay off.

Chances are, that you aren’t making as much money now as you would if you had a degree under your belt. It is no secret that college graduates earn significantly more than those without a degree. However, the problem with college is the fact that for many it costs too much. As a result, most people look for any type of financial aid opportunity that they can get their hands on. For most people the money they get from FAFSA is enough to please them. For others, that need a bit more, scholarships are the answer. Whatever your situation may be we are here to help you in your quest to return to college and invest in your education.

College Scholarships For Women Over 30

The good news is that since you are over the age of 30 you can apply for an interesting number of scholarships. We have known many women that don’t know what to do when applying for scholarships. Sadly, they are ignorant to the whole process since no one told them how it works. The actual sign up process is pretty simple. You locate a scholarship that you are interested in and find the application for that scholarship. Next, you fill out the application if you meet the criteria. Some scholarships require you to have a certain GPA, SAT or ACT score. Luckily, since we are only focusing on scholarships for women who are returning to school after a long time or scholarships for women at the age of 30 your GPA or SAT schools you took ten years ago really won’t hold much weight. However, with that being said, you will probably have to complete an essay over a topic chosen by the scholarship you are interested in.

Above, we explained how the scholarship process works. We talked about what the average woman goes through when applying for scholarships. We felt that this is an appropriate time to give you some scholarships to take a look at. Since this is a really select group of women the scholarships tend to be limited. However, we take this as a good sign since the average women going back to college at the age of 30 doesn’t know about them.

The first scholarship opportunity we are recommending that you check out can be found at the Janette Rankin Foundation. Basically, this is a program that helps women find money for their education if they are between the ages of 35 or 60. This is really great for what we are talking about here. You can visit their homepage and locate the many different scholarships or grants they are giving away.

You can also visit the American Association of University Women. Think of this as a site with a large amount of scholarships designed specifically for women. We do feel it is important to tell you that not all of the scholarships found within this site will be perfect for your situation but the beauty of it is that there are a lot of scholarships to choose from so you will always have something to look Here