Scholarships Based On Academic Merit

Academic scholarships are just another type of merit scholarship. You are awarded a scholarship based on how well you did in your previous school, whether it be a high school or college. Generally, “doing well” in school is determined by your GPA or grade point average. Also, your chances of winning an academic scholarship can ride where you rank overall in your class. If you are in the top ten per cent of your course, then your chances are good at getting an academic scholarship. If you graduated in the top five per cent of your graduating class, your options are excellent.

How To Get Academic Scholarships

It is well-known that most academic scholarships depend on the college you are attending or want to attend. Thus, the best way to determine if you can receive one is to visit that college’s counsellor. As stated above, your chances of getting one are good if your grades are good. So, it will probably help if you ace your ACT and SAT. A lot of the time, academic scholarships given by colleges won’t pay for your entire tuition. However, there are a select few full tuition scholarships out there that will do this. But usually, getting this type of scholarship depends on your standing in your class.

Academic Scholarships For College

In the above section, we discussed how to obtain an academic scholarship. However, we never gave you any hyperlinks to applications for which you can apply. We will be doing that in this section. You see, a few private programs out there with no affiliation to your college hand out scholarships regularly. Usually, these scholarships have a handsome reward and are easier to apply for. For Example, the Warren L. Davis scholarship of Albright College offers a full tuition scholarship to students with a 3.3 GPA.

Another interesting academic scholarship is the presidential scholarship from Bluffton University. It looks at the following criteria when handing out scholarships: essay completion, ACT and SAT scores and GPA. It will offer two full-ride scholarships to students. For more information on academic scholarships, check out the resources below: