Scholarships For Sophomores In High School

Most students start worrying about scholarships their senior year of high school or every year after that. So, we want to start this page off by saying looking for a scholarship as a sophomore in high school is one of the smartest things you can do. One thing that we have learned in this business is that persistence pays off. It is usually the most persistent student that has the highest chances of getting awarded that scholarship money. You shouldn’t expect to win every single scholarship that you apply for but if you start accumulating a list your sophomore year of high school you will be way ahead of most of your peers.

Scholarships For Sophomores In High School

As a sophomore you may not be eligible to apply for many of the best scholarships yet. However, you can take some steps to ensure that you are really prepared when the time finally does come to apply. We can tell you right now that most students who are sophomores in high school don’t have their future in mind. In fact, most students don’t start worrying about stuff like that until they are seniors at the last minute. So, the fact that you want to be prepared right now is very commendable. We recommend that you take the following steps your sophomore year of high school to ensure that you have the best shot at winning a scholarship down the road:

  • Meet with your counselor to ensure you are prepared for what’s to come
  • Focus on extracurricular activities to buff up your application
  • Research Colleges you might be interested in, the sooner you decide the better
  • Map out a plan

We can say right off the bat that the single most important thing you can do to improve your chances of getting a scholarship is to work hard in school and do a lot of volunteer work. Not only will this open you up for many more scholarship opportunities but it will allow you to possibly receive a merit scholarship which usually are the highest paying awards.

As for where to look for scholarships. Well, you can use this site since it is really a resource for people looking for easy scholarships, weird scholarships or anything else. Other great places to look for scholarships include scholarship search engine sites like and Generally, the more established the search engine is the better. But that is just our opinion.

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