Simple Scholarships To Apply For International Students (2023)

If you want to earn money for a college education, you have to do a lot of hard work. That is the prevalent theory that all college students have embedded into their brains. The truth of the matter is that there are a number of credible scholarships out there you don’t have to work much for at all. They’re known as “simple scholarships,” and they could easily be your ticket to a good education. One of the simplist of scholarships are those that offer you a chance to win a Free $10,000 Scholarship.   They are a pretty darn good way to get your efforts underway.  To learn more you can go to Scholarship Zone to get all the facts! If you want to shoot for some easy-to-earn financial aid, the options below could point you in the right direction.

No Essay Simple Scholarships

Some of the easiest scholarships out there are the ones that don’t require an essay. Most college students struggle to come up with a great essay for a scholarship, so this option helps them bypass the hard part and still get the money they need. No essay scholarships are issued for a number of reasons, but some of them are given out based on a drawing. Since the applications for these usually take less than five minutes, there is no reason for you to avoid these.Example: The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation offers no essay scholarships of up to $2,500 in value for students who take a quiz online. There are no extensive requirements for these simple scholarships. Just take the quizzes for eligibility.

Simple Scholarships To Apply For

You may define simple scholarships in a totally different way than a friend of yours would. Thus you could spend time looking for scholarships that suit your talents. For instance, talented artists often do well with art related scholarships, especially if they can submit work that they have already done. Perhaps you’re a poet who can submit a piece of work to a poetry scholarship contest. Maybe you’re a photographer who can “capture” a photography scholarship. Play up your strengths and you will have a much better chance at securing financial aid.Example: The Janie Moore Green Grant Grant is a $1,000 scholarship for photography students. All that’s required for it is a short essay and a portfolio of work. It’s a perfect opportunity for future photographers.

Low Competition Scholarships

Some scholarships have very few qualified applicants. The fewer the applicants, the higher your chances of getting a scholarship. These simple scholarships could come from just about anywhere. There are scholarships out there for specific last names, tall people, obscure ethnicities, double jointed students, and so much more.
Example: The is a source of funding specifically for left-handed students. If you attend Juanita University, you could qualify for this $1,000 resource just by being left-handed.

Minimal Requirement Scholarships

Some scholarships only request that you show financial need or that you maintain a certain grade point average in college. These simple scholarships do not take much time to apply for, and they are available for multiple students throughout the year. Check with your school first to see if they have any of these scholarships available, and then you can move on to other aid options out there for you.