The Bizarre Scholarships That Could Land You Money for College

When you have been in this realm as long as we have you are bound to run into some bizarre things. Throughout this site you can find information on weird scholarships, unique scholarships or even odd scholarships. However, one type of scholarship we really haven’t gone into all that much is bizarre scholarships. The dictionary defines “bizarre” as anything out of the ordinary or anything extravagant or odd. We imagine the typical reaction to a bizarre scholarship would be ” Look at that scholarship, how bizarre…” However, probably the most ironic thing in the scholarship realm is that everyone is looking for any way they possibly can to pay off that college tuition. So, they are not above looking into bizarre scholarships to obtain that money.

Interesting Things To Consider Before Applying

While the average person would look at a list of scholarships and blindly start applying we prefer to do things a bit differently here on Easy Scholarships. We want you to think before applying and when we say think we really want you to think about which of the scholarships we listed you can actually win. Sure, applying for everything can be fun, especially if the scholarship tends to be unique. However, just because you may think a scholarship is fun to apply for doesn’t mean you are best suited to obtain it. Let us give you an example, a diehard Star Trek fan would be better suited to apply for the Klingon scholarship award rather than the duck tape prom dress scholarship award. So, while the following scholarships may be a bit bizarre by nature there is a certain strategy that you have to use to get the best results. Know your skill set, your likes and dislikes and you will most likely get the best results.

  • Klingon Scholarship Award– Yea, this one is pretty bizarre. However, it is a scholarship in which you can put your Star Trek skills to use. Masters of the Klingon language are best suited to win this $500 scholarship.
  • BOO!– Perhaps that introduction confused you but this is a scholarship that revolves around speaking to ghosts using the art of parapsychology. If you are somehow connected to parapsychology then you can apply for this scholarship of $3,000.
  • Tall People Scholarships– We actually created a page dedicated to this entire scholarship, that is how popular it was. We suppose it can be considered bizarre due to the fact that you can win a scholarship on the basis of height, something you have no control over.