The Top Most Stupid Scholarships You Never Knew Existed

While we do want to go on the record and say that no scholarship is stupid as long as it is giving money to students there are some very dumb sounding ones out there. We would classify a scholarship in the dumb or stupid category if it is a scholarship that requires absolutely no talent or it is just the most ridiculous type of scholarship you have ever heard of. However, as we keep urging on our other articles covering weird scholarships we do believe you can get money from these types of scholarships so long as you take them seriously.

A List Of Stupid Scholarships

We would like to start this section off by talking about a scholarship that revolve around the idea of height. While there are certainly people out there who deserve a scholarship just for being made fun of all throughout elementary school and high school because of their short stature it is pretty crazy to think that there are scholarships out there awarding tall people. In fact, Tall Clubs International gives a $1,000 scholarship to anyone who completes an application, is chosen and is above the height of 5’10″ for women and 6’2″ for men. You have to be above the age of 21 as well.

The Valkenburg scholarship is pretty strange as well. It awards $1,000 to students with the last name of Valkenburg or a variation of that last name. So, if you actually have a last name very close the Valkenburg then you certainly can win this scholarship. This scholarship requires absolutely no talent at all and is extremely easy if you have the correct last name. We urge you to take advantage of it if you have the chance.

The Left Handed Scholarship has become somewhat of a legend online. Everywhere you go in the “weird scholarship” circles it is always talked about but interestingly no one seems to have a link to the actual site where you can apply. Sure, there are probably sites out there that have the correct link but it is rare to find one. Luckily, we have the actual link you will need to get information on the left handed scholarship. You have to be going to Juaniata College in Pennsylvania to be eligible for this one. You have to be considered “in need” and you need to be a junior or senior at the college. Oh, you also have to be left handed. Check it out on this page.