The Ultimate Guide to Scholarships for Tall Girls: Tips and Resources

It is no secret that we have found some weird scholarships for women in our time. However, perhaps no scholarship is weirder than this one. Recently, we created an article that covers the most popular scholarships for short girls. Well, today we are going to be doing the exact opposite as we will be focusing on tall girl scholarships. Being tall certainly has it’s advantages. If you happen to be a woman that is considered tall by our societies standards then you are in luck because you are eligible for a special scholarship specifically designed for women who are tall.

Scholarships For Tall Women

Currently, there is only one scholarship that is handed out on the basis of how tall you are. That scholarship is called Tall Clubs International. It is for both men and women but it does have some specific requirements that can really cut your competition down. Already, you have an advantage over your peers because a lot of the other “tall” girls out there have no clue that this scholarship even exists so put a check in the advantage column on that end.

The Tall Clubs International scholarship awards over $1,000 to students who meet the criteria. We have met quite a few people that have received this scholarship and they say while it was a weird one it was definitely worth the effort to apply. You have to be under 21 years of age and you have to be entering college for the first time. Women (which is the audience we are writing this article for) have to be the following height to apply: 5’10″.

We do want to stress the fact that tall scholarships aren’t your only option though, especially when it comes to strange scholarships. We have a whole section of this site dedicated to the weird scholarships for women.

Advice For Getting A Tall Scholarship

This is a short section we put together to help you give yourself the best chance of winning a scholarship if you are above the height of 5’10″.

  • Get good grades. Usually, a competitive GPA you should shoot for is 3.0
  • Extracurricular activities really matter. If you are tall then there is a high chance that you have been involved in sports of some kind like basketball or volleyball. If not, volunteer or do some community service. Get involved with your school.
  • Write a killer essay if you are given the option to write an essay.