Unveiling the Benefits of Community Service College Scholarships

Students who are involved in community service have always been looked at as valuable assets to colleges. However, there is a difference between volunteering and doing community service. Sure, you may have done community service, but you did so because you were ordered to do it due to issues or troubles at school. The most common culprits here are students who have missed a significant amount of time or skipped class and were ordered to do X hours of community service to make up for it. To be clear, colleges and programs aren’t looking to reward these students. Instead, they want to reward those volunteering to do community service in their spare time.

Scholarships For Community Service

It is best to get involved in the community at a young age. Not only is it something you can put on your college applications, but it is something you can use as leverage to obtain scholarships. Doing the legwork is the first key to getting a community service scholarship. This means putting some effort into finding out if your community has local scholarships for students with many hours of community service. More often than not, programs or big corporations recognize students who have made a difference in their community. Usually, the scholarships that they hand out aren’t going to pay for your entire college education, but every little bit of financial aid you can get is vital in this world.

In 2005 United States Senator Chris Dodd introduced a new bill called the Youth Scholarship Act. The new bill creates a scholarship program that enables students from low-income families who participate and volunteer in the community to get a scholarship worth $5,000. Unfortunately, the bill has yet to pass. However, we included that information because we wanted you to see that community service scholarships exist. It is essential not to get discouraged because you have some other exciting options for community service scholarships.

Youth Service America– Designed to help community service students. Awards range from anywhere between $500 to $1,000.

Youth Action Net: Another scholarship program designed to help students who have made a difference in the community. You have to be between the ages of 18 and 29 to receive a scholarship from this program.