The Quirkiest Oddball Scholarships You Didn’t Know Existed

It is interesting to look around the internet sometimes and see what type of oddball scholarships are available. We have seen all types of scholarships in our time atop the ranks of the scholarship industry. However, perhaps none were more intriguing and strange than oddball college scholarships. Now, we are aware that you may be a little confused with this page. After all, we recently created one that covers odd scholarships. However, there is a distinct difference between oddball scholarships and odd scholarships. By it’s very definition oddball insinuates that the thing or individual it is describing is odd in nature or eccentric or even an outsider.

Learning More About Oddball Scholarships

Admittedly, oddball scholarships are very similar to weird scholarships but you can be assured that when we speak of oddball scholarship offerings they won’t just be weird they will be downright silly. So, what advantage do you get for searching for oddball scholarships. Well, as we explained above oddball scholarships are really the outsiders of the scholarship realm. If you know how to work things the right way you can use these oddball scholarships to your advantage. Similarly to what we recommended with the weird scholarship offerings, a lot of oddball scholarships fall through the cracks. Our job is to locate those scholarships and provide you with an opportunity to obtain them.

Of course, the general perception of oddball scholarships is that those who apply for them aren’t gifted enough to get a normal scholarship by themselves. While this may be true in some cases we have found through interacting with our visitors that this is definitely a myth. Most people looking for these weird scholarship offerings have simply run out of ideas on what to search for in a scholarship. Thus, they turn to weird offerings like oddball college scholarships.

Popular Oddball Scholarships

  • Harness Racing Scholarship– To start things off we want to introduce you to the Harness Tracks of America scholarship. For individuals who believe they have a shot at harness racing this scholarship may be appealing. How much is this scholarship worth? Quite a lot actually as it checks in at $3,000.
  • Fat Boy Scholarship– It almost sounds comical right? WRONG, this scholarship has nothing to do with weight and everything to do with advancing your college career. This one varies. Scholarship amounts can range anywhere from $500 to $1,000. Typically, there are two or three winners chosen every year.