Navigating Men’s Scholarships: Opportunities Tailored for Male Students

Believe it or not but women do most scholarship searches online. Although the vast majority of scholarships are gender-neutral, meaning that men and women can apply for them, most searches are done for scholarships for women. Once we learned this statistic, we created a page for men to go to to gain the assistance they need for college. Look at this page as the ultimate resource for men searching for scholarships. Now, we realize that you are probably scoffing at the idea of this page being a resource, but we assure you we are professionals at what we do. We know how to display information clearly and effectively. Thus, all the information on this page is meant to help you rather than for your financial gain, like many of our peers.

College Scholarships For Men

We will admit that when men talk about getting a scholarship, they usually link it to athletics. Men’s obsession with athletic scholarships can be a good thing, but their only problem is that they are ultra-competitive and constrained. Thus, exploring all your scholarship options only makes sense if you are serious about going to college. We realize that tuition costs are rising, which usually means that scholarship value is rising. On this page, we will explore several types of scholarships for men. Quite a few scholarships are handed out on college by college basis. While these can be some of the most popular scholarships, we will not be exploring them in depth since they are very targeted to your situation. We have a large variety of visitors coming to this site, and providing information on a scholarship handed out by Virginia Tech, while it may be beneficial to our visitors in Virginia, will not be helpful to the rest of our visitors. So, we will only provide information on scholarships you can apply for that aren’t based on your location.

List Of Men Related Scholarships

  • US News-U.S.n article was posted on the U.S. NewU.S. website that relates entirely to what we are talking about on this page, scholarships for men. In that article, you can find several non-athletic scholarships for men. It provides hyperlinks to applications and scholarship information. We felt like fools if we didn’t include this resource on this page.
  • Distinct Advantage Scholarship– A scholarship designed for incoming first-year students. It hands out $1,000 and is designed for students going to a school with an Alpha Tau Omega chapter. Click the link to go to the application.