Easy Scholarships For High School Students

It is one thing to be searching for a scholarship if you are a high school seniors. However, it is another thing entirely to search for an easy scholarship. Luckily for you, we are going to be using this entire page to help you tackle this issue. Remember, we are looking at a select group of individuals here, high school seniors who want EASY scholarships. You have to remember this because there is a difference between a normal scholarship and an easy scholarship but more on that later. Lets get started by talking about the subject in general.

Easy Scholarships For High School Students

More often than not a high school seniors that is new to the scholarship application process will pass up on some very easy scholarships. This can be fatal in their hopes to get money for college. We have found that when it comes to scholarships you get better results when you apply for as many scholarships as possible. For example, even though you may not win the relatively easy scholarship the scholarship information that is connected in the emails that follow after you apply can be very valuable tools. In fact, in most cases a scholarship is won by students applying for related scholarships they were recommend to by signing up for the easy scholarship.

This is especially true with free scholarships. We have quite a bit of information on free scholarships throughout this site. Basically, there are free scholarship contests that only require your name, number and information to apply for. They pay out very well and are a great place to start if you are new to the whole scholarship process. A few of the most popular free scholarships include: Scholarship Zone, Scholarships For Moms and Free 10k Scholarship. We will leave the free scholarship research up to you.

Simple Scholarships For High School Seniors

We have taken the initiative to go ahead and provide you with a list of our most favorite easy scholarships that are designed for high school seniors. Don’t worry, we checked all these scholarships and they are legitimate. Remember, always be on the lookout for more and more scholarships to apply for.

  • Coca Cola Scholarship Program– This is awarded to high school seniors and is an uber scholarship that covers four years of your education. Mostly this is a merit based scholarships so make sure you work hard in high school so you can get the benefits of this one later.
  • $1,000 Weekly Three Sentence Scholarship– This is pretty basic. It is easy and pays out a very nice $1,000 each week to the student who best composes a three sentence essay answering the weekly question.

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