Funny Scholarships To Apply For 2023

As an authority on the subject of scholarships we have seen a number of things. We have seen easy scholarships, women related scholarships, online scholarships and weird scholarships. However, there is one specific type of scholarship we haven’t discussed yet, funny scholarships. A funny scholarship is exactly as it sounds. It is a scholarship that is so ridiculous or creative that it just makes you laugh to yourself. However, perhaps the funniest thing about these scholarships is that each and every one is legitimate. Meaning that if you apply and you are serious about it you can win money.

Funny College Scholarships

Some funny scholarships may seem a bit weird at times but the general idea of them remains playful. One of the most creative scholarships that we have ever come across is the Duck Tape Prom Contest. Perhaps what makes this scholarship so creative and funny is the fact that Duck Tape has provided pictures of previous winners. If you didn’t already know, this particular scholarship charges you and your Prom date with the task of creating a Prom tuxedo and Prom dress out of nothing but their brand Duck Tape. It is always interesting to see what people did in creating their tuxedos and dresses.

Another funny scholarship that we recommend you take a look at if you are in the mood to laugh is a scholarship given out by the American Nudist Research Library. We had no clue that they were giving out scholarship on your ability to study nudists. However, they are and it is a 100% legitimate scholarship. They give out telephone numbers and addresses on who you need to contact to have a shot at winning the scholarship. Perhaps the next scholarship we are talking about is more ironic than funny but nevertheless it made the list. We are talking about the Excellence In Predicting The Future Scholarship of course. Now, we know that you are thinking this is some sort of scholarship for magicians right? WRONG, this is a scholarship for economic majors who can forecast the future of the stock market. Perhaps that is not as cool as actually predicting the future but it will do.

As you can see, there are a number of funny scholarships that you can get. However, we warn you not to take these scholarships lightly. A lot of people have had their lives changed because they were willing to make a few sacrifices and give these scholarships the best they had. We urge you to continue your scholarship search by looking around our site by clicking on one of the related pages found in the menu above.