Supporting Male Nurses: Scholarships Tailored for Men Pursuing Nursing

Looking around, you will notice that almost every profession is dominated by males. However, one job that you can only say about is nursing. Without a doubt, nursing is dominated by women. Now, most people think men cannot win a scholarship in the field. However, people who say that is entirely wrong. You can use your underrepresentation to your advantage to locate a scholarship. Today, we will use this page to provide information about the top scholarships you can obtain in the nursing field if you are a male.

Male Nursing Scholarships

Out of all the scholarships we cover, we have to admit that nursing is one field that has a deep, deep scholarship base. Unfortunately, very few scholarships within that base were designed specifically for men. That said, we encourage you to apply for the more general nursing scholarships to maximize your chances of winning money. Luckily, even though that nursing is a profession dominated by women, there is even a shortage of them within the work. Thus, the funds available to both men and women are fantastic. Take advantage of this.

List Of Scholarships

Before listing scholarships, we want to turn your attention to one site that can help you men out there. The site we are discussing is the American Assembly For Men In Nursing. You can find it by doing a simple Google search. The site is the #1 authority on nursing for men. It contains a membership program, awards and multiple scholarships. Their goal is to encourage men interested in nursing to become a professional. They provide in-depth information on the profession and various scholarships to help men get through school.

Side Note: In most states, you can become a registered nurse with only an associate’s degree. This means you can start your career as a male nurse with only two years of school. Thus, it won’t take too much of your money to obtain the education compared to other professions that require a minimum of four years to get a starting position.

  • AAMN Essay Scholarship– The Jadeh Marselis-Moore Student Nurse Essay Contest and John Murray Student Nurse Essay Contest are just two scholarships offered by the American Assembly For Men in Nursing program. They require you to write an essay on why you chose nursing.
  • National Association of Hispanic Nurses– Talk about an underrepresented group in nursing! Hispanics are often the most willing to take on a career in nursing but cannot due to a lack of funds to finish their education. This association makes getting scholarships easy for Hispanics.