Scholarships for Kids: How to Get a Full Ride to College

A parent recently contacted us and asked us an interesting question. Her question was “I have a child who is 12 years old. I was wondering if there were any scholarships that I could get him signed up early for so we can afford college when he comes of age.” If we were to be completely honest most of the visitors that come to this site are high school seniors or current college students. It never occurred to us that there could be a scholarship opportunity for children out there. Of course, when we are unsure about something we use it as an opportunity to add to our growing database of scholarships.

Is There A Scholarship For Kids?

In short, no there are not many opportunities for children. This is mainly due to a number of laws passed ( and that were designed to protect children’s rights. Thus, if your child is below the age of 13 it will be hard for him/her to find a scholarship online. However, since we don’t collect your child’s information and only provide a service in helping you find the scholarships you want we are able to show you a few of the more popular scholarships for kids.

Before we start discussing that we do want to say that most students don’t even start looking for scholarships until they hit high school. So, the mere fact that you are way ahead of schedule in looking for scholarships means that you have a definite advantage over your competition/your peers. You can use this time to start turning yourself into the best candidate for a scholarship. Do things like volunteer, get involved in community service, play sports and keep your grades really high. This will ensure you are prepared when crunch time comes and you have to put together that scholarship application.

Kid’s Scholarships

  • Eco Hero Award– Open to kids between the ages of 8 and 16. The prize you can win is $500. Focused on students who have made a difference in the environment.
  • Battle Bots– Who could forget this TV show. Who could forget that great Malcolm In The Middle episode. Basically, this is a robot building competition for teams in middle school. The amount you win in scholarship money can vary.
  • National Marbles Tournament– We have featured this particular scholarship on our site before. We feature it here again because it is aimed mostly towards kids. Enter the national marbles tournament to win a scholarship.