The Ultimate Guide to Finding Redhead Scholarships

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Redhead Scholarships

You will find that a lot of students graduating from high school are on the search for scholarships. College is expensive and can prove to be challenging to pay for if you don’t have a financial plan going in. Unfortunately, even with smart financial planning more and more people are failing to pay off the their tuition. As a result, the begin scraping the bottom of the barrel (so to speak) looking for any type of scholarship they can get their hands on. This usually leads them down the path of looking for weird scholarships. We recently spoke with a young lady who told us her story about looking for a scholarship for ginger haired kids and where it brought her.

College Scholarships For Redheads? An Actual Visitors Experience

Probably the most obvious question is: “Is there a redhead scholarship out there?” Well, technically yes! However, it’s nothing to write home about. Usually we are gung ho about providing our visitors with any type of information we can get our hands on about any type of scholarship. However, upon hearing one of our redheaded visitors stories about the many different scholarships she applied for we have made this particular genre (scholarships for redheads) the exception in which will not be providing you information on the scholarship.


Well, upon looking at the scholarship and listening to this young woman’s story we decided that this particular scholarship isn’t up to our standards. Nevertheless, the redheaded girl we have been in contact with used our site to locate a scholarship that got her to college. The interesting thing was that she didn’t even have to try to take advantage of her hair color. Instead, she built upon the idea of the redhead scholarships and began searching for any type of weird scholarship she could think of. This eventually led her to our site. In particular, she stumbled across this page:

She used that page as the starting point for her research and compiled a list of all the weird scholarships she could find. She then took it to the next level and began applying for them individually. As luck would have it she ended up winning a small scholarship that enabled her to go to her chosen college.

While we realize that she didn’t exactly apply for a “redheaded scholarship” she was able to use this site to further her higher education career. Now, just because you have red hair and may be a little disappointed to see that we don’t recommend any redheaded scholarships that doesn’t mean you have to give up entirely. Use our redheaded girl as an example.