Most Outrageous College Scholarships You Never Knew Existed

College scholarships are in very high demand. As a result, people are willing to try some outrageous things in order to get that extra money for their tuition. Outrageous is defined as shockingly bad or wildly exaggerated. We do want to clear one thing up before we start listing all your outrageous options. When we talk about outrageous scholarships we are not talking about bad scholarships or exaggerated scholarships. Instead, we are talking more about some ridiculous sounding ones or some very strange ones. The very fact that there is a scholarship for this ridiculous reason is outrageous.

Of course, if we were to list the advantages of outrageous college scholarships we would definitely talk about the fact that a lot of people are turned off by them.

“What? How can it be an advantage if everyone is turned off of them?”

We know it may sound counter-intuitive but the very fact that a lot of people pass on these types of scholarship is an advantage. It just means you have less competition.  This is a huge advantage because if you are willing to get your hands dirty in applying for some of these very strange offerings you will have a legitimate shot of winning.

List Of Outrageous College Scholarships

If you look throughout our site you may notice that we feature a lot of strange scholarship offerings. We do this for a good reason. For one, weird scholarships tend to be easier to apply for. Secondly, unusual scholarships can be quite enjoyable to apply for. In this section we will be describing some of our most popular outrageous scholarships.

  • Scholarships For Tall People– Yup, if you think you are tall you can get a scholarship just for that very reason. It isn’t rocket science but you do have to meet a few requirements. Learn more about the tall scholarships available by checking out the link to our post on it.
  • Stupid Scholarships– This one is kind of a fun post we did over some of the dumbest scholarships on the internet. Sure, some of these scholarships may be quite dumb but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn tuition money from them.
  • Redhead Scholarships– It just seems to us that redhead’s get all the breaks. Well, this post will tell you if you are eligible to receive a scholarship based on your read hair.
  • Funny Scholarships- Have you ever come across a scholarship that made you laugh till your stomach hurt. Well, in this section you may come across a few of those types of gut busters. Good luck! Your abs are about to get a workout.