Top Scholarships for Triplets: How to Secure Your Future

You are in a very unique situation if you have triplets. While having triplets is considered to be one of the best things that can happen to you in your life there are a couple of downfalls that have to be pointed out. For one, triplets are expensive and this holds true all the way to college. The real question for parents who want to send their triplets to school is how they are going to afford it. Luckily, we have a few great options for you and at the top of our list is getting a special scholarship designed for families with triplets.

College Scholarships For Triplets

We do feel it is important to mention that we have a page dedicated specifically for twins. You will be able to find that page here. Now, while this particular page may not pertain to your exact situation it may give you a few ideas that you can use to find scholarships for college. Another important piece of advice that we recommend is that you send your triplets to a college within your own state. This is significantly cheaper than going to college outside of your own state. Of course, we are by no means suggesting that you pass up an opportunity to go out of state if one of your triplets get it.

Most of the twins and triplet scholarships available are dependent on the college your triplets have chosen. Most colleges have some sort of discount or scholarship available if your twins or triplets attends the school. So really, when it comes to college it is actually an advantage to have triplets because you will save a bit more. In addition to the triplet scholarships available to you, you can apply for any of the other scholarships featured throughout this site. So, just a quick recap.

  • Some colleges offer a discount for being a triplet
  • Some colleges offer specific twin related scholarships (see below)
  • You can apply for any other normal type of scholarship and sign up for financial aid.

Popular Triplet Scholarships

  • Resource – Currently, we have found this to be the very best article on triplet/twin scholarships and discounts. Definitely worth taking a look at.
  • Twin Day Festival – Every year in Ohio there is a twin festival in which a pair of twins can win a college scholarship worth $1,000.
  • Mother Of Twins– If you need help affording college for you twins or triplets this is the site to go to. They offer multiple scholarships if you have twins or triplets.