Unconventional Cool Scholarships That Will Surprise You

How many times have we heard the phrases “Wow, that’s cool” or maybe you have have heard “That dude is cool.” What if you started hearing those phrases being associated with scholarships? By it’s very nature any scholarship is pretty darn cool. You get money that you can use for school rather than paying out of your own pocket. However, what we are talking about on this page is a little greater than that. Lets take a look at what a cool scholarship actually is.

What Is A Cool Scholarship?

Yes, like we said above, any scholarship can be technically labeled as “cool.” However, we set our agenda on what is “cool” a little bit higher than some of our peers. A cool scholarship can really be classified as a unique scholarship. A scholarship that is fun, or has a little bit of humor to it can be labeled as cool. Scholarships of this nature don’t pay for your entire tuition but that is ok. The main goal is to have fun with these types of scholarships. If you are like most of our visitors you have applied for your fair share of boring, academic based scholarships and you just want a break. Instead or worrying about what your GPA is or what you scored on your SAT you can worry about things like if your duck tape dress is good enough to go to prom (we will explain later).

Cool scholarships in our book don’t have to be unique either. Let us give you an example. Lets say a scholarship out there is handing out $50,000 to a lucky student. We think a scholarship that is willing to hand out that much money deserves to be on our “cool” list (And yes, we do have a list ;) ).

Our Site is a great place to look for cool scholarships. Particularly our weird scholarships section. Yup, weird scholarships can be quite cool. If you are short then you can get a scholarship. If you are tall you can get a scholarship too. If you make a prom dress out of duck tape you can win a scholarship. If you have a knack for nudist colonies or are a vegetarian there is room for you on the “cool” bandwagon as well.

Another type of scholarship that we think is really cool are Art Scholarships. Any type of scholarship that allows you to express yourself creatively and you can do what you love is really cool. Of course, art scholarships aren’t the only type of cool scholarship. Creative Writing Scholarships are also pretty famous for allowing their authors do be creative. That is just plain cool huh?