Exploring Foundation Scholarships and Programs

Foundations love handing out scholarships to students. You should take advantage of this fact if you are coming out of high school and plan on attending college. The great thing about foundation programs is that they are specific to a group. For example, some foundations only look to help women, just like those that only support minorities. The strategy when looking for foundation scholarships is pretty simple. Find exactly which scholarship best pertains to your situation and look for some scholarships you can apply for.

The Many Different Foundation Scholarships

What follows is a list of the most recognized foundation scholarships. We will do our very best to include all the foundations we know of.

  • Terry Foundation– This program rewards graduates of Texas high schools interested in taking their education to the next level. On their site, you can find information on their scholarship, their newsletter and a calendar of their upcoming events.
  • Janette Rankin Foundation– Probably the most recognized foundation relating to women. In particular, women over the age of 30. We wrote extensively about this foundation in our “search women” tab within the navigation bar. You can click the provided link to visit the foundation’s site. You will be able to locate information on their scholarships, information about the foundation and much more there.
  • Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation– Look at this particular listing in our directory as a neutral foundation, meaning anyone can apply. Ideally, this is perfect for high school students who have just graduated and are looking for the necessary funds to attend college. The foundations help over 1,400 students yearly and have accumulated 3.4 million for those 14,000 students. So, this is a very successful foundation.
  • Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation– This one has gotten a lot of press lately. If you didn’t already know, this is Bill Gates’ foundation and can be extremely rewarding. Currently, the foundation focuses specifically on low-income students who don’t have enough money to attend college. If this sounds like your situation, we urge you to check out this listing.
  • Jackie Robinson Foundation– You have a pretty cool foundation in the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Currently, to obtain a scholarship here, you have to meet the following criteria: you must be a minority senior graduating from high school, be able to prove you need money and many more application requirements that can be found by clicking the link we provided.