Scholarship Opportunities for Deaf Students

We know that being deaf can’t be easy. Being unable to hear the world around you is punishment enough. However, you will be pleased to know that your deafness may just come in handy. A lot of people have trouble each year trying to obtain a college scholarship for school. Luckily, the fact that you are deaf can work to your advantage when trying to obtain a scholarship. There are multiple foundation scholarships, state grants and colleges that give out scholarships to those who are hearing impaired. We recommend that you take advantage of those scholarships and grants when you can. Every little bit helps. This page is going to be used as a resource for the deaf students who want to learn where they have to go to get a scholarship.

Scholarships For Deaf Students

Obviously, students who are deaf have a special situation regarding colleges. Luckily, most of the colleges that deaf students are interested in have scholarships that you can apply for. We will list a few of those now:


  • Gallaudet University– Gallaudet is a college for the hearing impaired. They have beautiful facilities and pride themselves as being one of the top colleges for the hearing impaired. Currently, Gallaudet matches your financial aid with the available funds you have. Learn more about their financial assistance program by clicking on the link we provided.
  • National Technical Institute for the Deaf- The NTID has a specific page set aside for financial assistance purposes for undergraduates and graduates. We were kind enough to find that page and provide the link here.

Financial Aid

  • Yes, the deaf need financial aid to and there is really only one place you can go and get that financial aid in the United States. That would be FAFSA. There isn’t much more to say on this subject. Visit the link we provided and sign up. The sooner the better.


This is the section you have all be waiting for. Luckily, you will not be disappointed because there are a lot of scholarships available for the hearing impaired. We have taken the liberty of locating a few of the most popular ones. However, we can’t guarantee that you will win these scholarships outright. They might be competitive so don’t get your hopes up. Just do the best you can and that is the most anyone can expect from you. Good luck!