MLG Edition

Play MLG Edition at New with MLG Themed game where you connect with thousand of online Players from all world. You just need to compete them and become the Longest Snake alive. If you play the Famous game Slither io then you will surly enjoy this amazing game.

Enjoy New With MLG Theme. Snakeis MLG Editions actually inspired by and Game. We can say that its a cool combination of Classic game “Snake”, massive player game “”, and Racing game “Tron”. You just need to choose your snake from available option such as Angry Bird and Nyan Cat and Enter into the arena of players. Move your Snake, Eat Mass (Objects) and smash other player, eat leftover mass to grow the longest snake of arena. If Snake Head Collides into a part of other snake, its smashed and player loses the game. The Smashed Snake Mas turns into Dots for other player to consume. Speed Boost Cost a little part of your body.
Move mouse to control snake, Click mouse to activate boost mode.